Land dispute

Dear sir, My name is Sahil i live in a small town mandi (H.P) 175001. I have 3000 square feet area in prime location in mandi. Around 12 years back i have given some of my area to the pwd department for the construction of a bridge (due to the request of himachal land minister ) . The bridge was ready for use in 2007. pwd has given me around 3 lakhs for this land. But later in 2009 they said that they wanted to make the entrance big so that trucks can easily pass so we require more 18.44 sq m land i agreed to that also.But without paying me they stared the construction even the land was in my name so i decided to challenge the pwd in the court .Then the pwd department called a meeting to decide weather this land is required or not they also invited me to that meeting then their AXN himself said that land is compulsory . In 2010 the judge put his decision in our favor ordering the pwd to take that land and pay us. Then i said pay me with same scale as you have paid in the past(2006 as i thought that the dispute will end). They haven't paid me till now .From the past 5 years i am going to their office but every time they give a new excuse due to this the remaining 2000 sq feet area is like a waste piece of land because pwd is not able to do the demarcation. 4 months ago they said that they have send my rates to the pwd sectary in Shimla but the sectary has declined the rates saying that the rates are very high. Around 2 months ago i talked to their SDO and JE (of that department)they have told me that the department know about the price of this land we will again send your application to the sectary and will also provide verification about your price as your price is less. But till now they have done nothing . I am not choosing the option of the court due to the time factor as 12 years have already passed as i want to build a complex on my land . I am very tired and feeling helpless please guide me what to do how can i start my work fast ....?????