Dismissal of charge, offence charge sheeted in 447ipc

A piece of land is in my possession from several years. title holder of the land died, his son got his name mutated and filed a complaint against me. FIR was registered for ipc 447. simultaneously on another complain by the same person, another FIR regd. for ipc 145. istegasa of 145 was presented before the SDM, in which SDM order states that the matter not being in the limitation of 2 months, hence no relief can be provided, case dismissed. 01/06/2014 also simoultaneously charge sheeted for ipc 447. could not represent facts before the court thatsy why charge framed in case of 447. charge framed on 21/07/2014 later one witness also examined , and is hostile. 4 more witness remaining. including complainant himself. my question here is,; is there any provision to appeal in district court for dismissal of charge, based on the order of SDM. under what act/section can i appeal against the charge framed. also what is time limit, and any other advice which you may think fit. thankyou