Spouse Transfer

Dear Sir/Madam, I am a central govt.employee permanently posted in Kolkata (my hometown) and my husband is in a PSU bank who got transfer orders after promotion to Scale-II to join in a city 2100 kms away, in Ahmedabad. My husband applied for consideration since I cannot move with him and his father is undergoing dialysis thrice a week, but his pleas were not even acknowledged. I applied thrice through DARPG portal mentioning the Govt.circulars which specifically mention that PSU has to consider a favourable posting if the other spouse is in Central Govt. services. But the Bank (Head Office) kept on insisting that it is their internal policy to transfer employees. I also mentioned that the GOI circular (F. no. 28034/9/2009 dated 30.9.2009) specifically states that internal or administrative policies will have to be ignored in case of favourable spousal posting, but to no avail and the Bank in all three responses to the Under Secretary, Min.of Finances, kept on insisting that it is their internal policy that requires employees to get transferred. DARPG have been of no help and kept on closing my appeals withour providing any resolution. I am at a loss of what to do and my husband is without salary for the last 3 months since he did not join his new posting since we fear that he will be entrusted with such a responsibility where he cannot take leave to come down to Kolkata. Where can I approach so that this basic appeal is driven across to the bank and force them to follow the Govt.of India and RBI guidelines? Thank you. Moumita Dhar Kolkata