My wife has filed 498a on me and my family

I am from a muslim background. My family and I are not citizens of india, I belong to an upper middle class family. my family got me married to an indian girl who is a close relative of ours. Her family is not very financially stable. She is working at a school. My marriage was done at a village by a qazi according to the shariah.After 6 years of marriage at the time of my sisters wedding she created a lot of drama to stop the wedding. She wanted my sister to get married to her brother but my sister being well educated and knowing their nature now did not want to do it. She tried to ruin my sisters life by calling her in laws and saying nasty things about her, she mentally tortured my whole family. Through the 6 years she just tried to get money from me and my family. She hardly stayed for a year or two. She has all the things we gave her like the gold jewellery etc. Some of which is ancestral. She would just come to us for things and money that her family wanted and would leave. later we found out about adultery. I had to keep things to myself as she was a relative and I did not want to spoil the name and fame of the families. I later divorced her. I applied for divorce outside India. We were divorced outside India. I have the court certificate and sent it to her. She now filed a case against me and my family. We don't live in india and all the property we have in india is in my father's name. She filed a case but we did not receive any summon so did not know. Now as my mother went to india for her treatment, the police took her in for 498a, for beating her and dowry. She says we asked for a car and money. We don't live in india why would we ask her for a car?. We are getting my mother bailed out but don't know how to go forward with this case now. I don't work, I am a student of PhD, I want to know if they can take my mother's passport? Do I have to pay her alimony? How much alimony will I have to pay? What do I do please guide.