My wife is not living with me bcs she feels uncortable with me

My name is umesh kumar. My wife and me have married on 12th march 2015. It was intercaste marriege. And we ran from our home to chandigarh high court to get married. My in laws hate me too much that they murder me too. But they started talking with my wife politely. After that she has started going to their parents home. This is mistake I have done that I let her go their parents. They have started provoking my wife against me. They every time said to her that she deserve more handsome and rich guy. She has not match me. She is beautiful and I am ugly. After that she started ignoring me. She started feeling insucure and shy with me on public places. She doest not wanted to tell people that I am her husband. She started hiding her marital status to their collegues at her new job. She joined as showing single. I felt very pain by her behaviour. Her love for me finished. She refused to do sex with me. She started metally tortured to me. Whe I force her to sex she started having physical fight with me. She dont even let me do sexual intercourse this period of marriege bcs her parents told her to avoid pregnancy. She is just 20 and I am 23 years old. Now she wants divorce with me only that she feels shy with me. But she has done police complaint in women cell that I beaten her to trap me. Police called me and she and her mother is talkative that police dont belive me. I only tried to sex wife and she started to fight with me. Police has taken speech of my wife and.taken a sign on paper that I will pay her money that she wants and we have to do divorce. When I refused to divorce that they that if girl has lodged fir against you that u will get arrested on the same time without any evidence. I love her my wife so much that I cant even live with her. I feel like body without soul. She has done so much harrass to me bcs her mother is telling her all.things. in this can I get benefit from section 9 case. And is this true that if q girl file a FIR or case of cruelty then boy can get arrested same time without any evidence??