Gift deed

Good Day everyone, Im only son of my father. He built a house with his own earned money, I found him in some extra marital affairs after my mother's death, then I asked him to write that house to me. Then he gift deed the house to me and worte one thing in that like I can stay in that house till my death and the house is entirely my son's house. So is there any issue of revoking in this gift deed. As some of our Lawers in Kaanoon said for other gift deed isseues that gift deed can be revoked in front of court or in any fraudulent aspect. In my case there was no fraudulent aspect or anything and the property was registered infront of subregistar an in EC verification also its showing my name itself. My question is, Is there any chance of acquiring rights back to my father or anything. In case of revoking or cancellation of gift deed by court who have to present at court sessions. Will donee is asked to attend to court for this gift deed cancellation. I just want to know the process as I am having some doubts on this gift deed law. Thanq in advance.