How to proceed with this situation

I m a working person married to grl in feb 2015. she stayed with us at ancestral home for 3 days and with me & my parents for 4 weeks at my place during the period of 2 months before she left my house in apr 2015. i marriage was done without any dowry and all the marriage expenses were done by my family. from the day of marriage she & her family started behaving rudely with us. which went haywire when she was with me after the marriage. she started quarrels with me & my parents on very small issues..and after every episode she used to threaten us of leaving the house or else will injure her self. we called her parents to settle the things but it was of no use bcoz they started blaming me regarding the same issue and left. after that she continued fighting with me on very small issues and she made big fuss off small issue and left my house & went. after that she called me up and massaged me saying she wants to separate from me. her families legal history is very bad, her brother's wife has committed suicide for which the whole family is under prosecution which was not disclosed before. now they are threatening us saying its a dowry case for rs 10 lac. now she is not staying with me and working in the old company. i am not keen on continuing this so what option do i have to proceed and come out of this?