NRI position to Injunction order served in India

Sir, I am living in Kuwait since 1992. We are muslims. My father died years ago. My mom living in my fathers house with my younger brothers. After my father's death, the house is in my mom's name. I am not living with them. I have my own house. Last week, One of my brother's, claiming his share in the fathers property, sent Injunction order (served by court) to my mom. Separate Injunction orders served to my brothers and sisters. A Injunction order came to my Indian Address. As I am living abroad, my notice was returned. My mother and my brothers are hiring an attorney on behalf of them. They want to give the petitioner (my brother) share and settle the matter soon. I would like to know ; WHAT IS MY POSITION IN THIS REGARD. The injunction order is not served to my address where I am living for 24 years. SHOULD I HIRE AN ATTORNEY, Give me GPA to look after my part in this regard. Can my attorney claim my Injunction order from the court and follow the matter on behalf of me? Please advice. Thanks and best regards.