Legal heir

Sir my father has one elder sister and 4 younger brothers. Sister has 3 daughters and she expired. She had 1 acre land. Three brothers are bachelor, intestate and deceased. My father are also died. Now only one (aged 74) bachelor brother alive. Later the above said peoples have each 11 cent piece of land with individual document. (Aunt donate this asset with the sign of 3 daughters and registered in sub registrar office) Now my father's brother, aunt’s daughters and myself want to sale the land. But aunt’s daughters and alive uncle refuse to share the deceased 3 uncle’s assets. They took legal heir without my name for deceased uncles individually (brother took 2 deceased brother’s legalheirs and one of aunt’s daughter took another deceased brother’s legal heir). I am living in tamilnadu and they are in Kerala. I request them to add my name in legal heirship. (I complaint this matter in Kerala thasilthar by person though he submitted legal heir certificate individually my uncle and aunt’s daughter). They said I have no right anybody assets expect my father’s land. Is this true? My doubt is as per the Hindu Succession Act 1956 class ii as myself also one of the legal heir? Do I can ask the equal share in deceased person’s property? In spite of my underprivileged how can I get free legal aid in Kerala?