Jurisdiction to file a complaint by wife.

Before marriage my wife reside at Jalandhar. The marriage took place at Chandigarh. For a few months I along with wife live with my parent in their house. My wife started creating troubles and calling police on one pretext or the other, which makes the life of my parents miserable. Then my parent separated us, and I along with my wife and 1 years old girl child have been living in Panchkula. My wife and her parents complained to police that I and my parent demand dowry. My mother filed a complaint, statements of my wife, her mother and father were in which they denied that I and my parent ever demanded any dowry. A few days ago, she feigned to have drunk phenol. I took her to hospital, where after examination the doctors discharge her. Next day she filed a complaint at Panchkula alleging that I put phenol in her mouth, I and my parent demand dowry etc. She went with her parent to Jalandhar abandoning 1 year old girl infant. After two days later she also filed a complaint at Jalandhar. The marriage was solemnised at Panchkula. Can she file a complaint at Jalandhar. What is the jurisdiction. Could you please guide my in the matter. I shall be grateful.