Mental harrasement by husband and father inlaw and mom in law

Hello sir / madam .aim married since 7yrs living horrible life in in laws house.iam a doctor and my mom in law tortures me everyday boosting my husband to divorce me and fight with me in every simple husband always discuss every moment of our feelings with them and they torture me discussing the father in law is very cruel .he even discuss the bedroom privacy things and torture me.if I say no to any work they say ,they immediately ask me to leave the house.if I don't agree to leave house they says we can do anything through court and throw u out of house and marry their son husband just blindly obey them and torture me every time telling me get out of the house.they even forced me to commit husband is ready to divorce me but iam not willing to leave him becos I have 5yr old girl husband is good initially but he scares to his father and just does whatever they husband started torturing me daily with obuse language and asking me to commit suicide or leave the house.he is forcing me and beating me to send messages to his mobile telling that I am commiting body is responsible for it.inturn telling me if he kills me the issue will never come on his head.iam helpless now can u pls advise me how can I set my family life.i wish to stay happy with my husband .becos I love him can I change him and settle my life.,he is asking me to go away from house.if I don't leave the house he says he will move out and creates a opinion of myself throwing him out of house to everybody.since two days he left house and telling everybody that I asked him go out. Iam not ready to divorce him ,but he is ready for it.he says though I don't agree for divorce he will get through it possible sir?iam 4 months pregnant now.he is asking me to terminate .kindly help me sir / madam