Section 326a ipc

Mahesh, who had always treated Ramesh as his son, could not bear the pain of Ramesh. Mahesh suggested Ramesh that he should find Nimisha alone and take her to the temple for marrying her without informing her parents. If Nimisha resists Ramesh due to parental pressure, Mahesh will threaten her with a bottle of acid to pressurise her to come with them to the temple. Ramesh, who was initially reluctant, agreed to the plan on the condition that no harm will be caused to Nimisha and bottle of acid will only be used as a tool to threaten her for compliance to their wishes. On 23rd March, 2015 as per the plan, finding Nimisha passing on a lonely road, Ramesh and Mahesh got out of the car. Ramesh approached Nimisha and asked her to accompany him to the temple so that they can get married. On Nimisha’s refusal, Mahesh who was carrying the bottle of acid, threatened Nimisha. Ramesh started dragging her into the car. Nimisha started shouting loudly and abusing. Meanwhile, Mahesh in a state of confusion opened the bottle, kept it holding for a fraction of second and then threw the acid on her face. what should be the reasonable quantum of compensation payable by the accused(Ramesh) and the state legal service authority?