Marriage registration in India with Foreinger

Hello, I am living in Netherland for last 3 years. I am working here an IT consultant. I am an Indian. I am marrying to a Dutch National. He is born and brought up in Netherland. I am planning to get married in Netherland first, where NL Govt would be issuing me a Marriage certificate and the authority has said that it would be a International marriage certificate. Later, i plan to come to India to give a reception to friends and Families. My Parents are suggesting to get the marriage registered in India too. But, i plan to visit India only for 15 days. So, i cannot fulfill one of the requirement of minimum 30 days stay in India.. My question is, 1. Do i really need to get marriage registered in India again. ? I mean, is it necessary ? 2. Would my NL marriage certificate suffice for all the legal formalities in the future with Indian Govt ? 3. I have also heard that we should not get married in two countries separately. We should get married either in NL or in India. Is it true ? 4. Also, I would be getting married in NL first, there is one condition which says your spouse should be unmarried - would that be a problem if i plan to marry in India ? Regards Shiny