Wp and ia

Sir there is wp pending in high court for orders judge has been transfered . is the case will be heard from the begining or orders can be passed by the comming judge its double bench judges. meanwhile the respondent is in possesion of the property e auction has conducted in improper way and the paryer was to set aside the eauction sale and cancell the sale deed done by the banker. now that they have filed a ip in district court and that has been dismissed they r planning to go for appeal is this be maintable what should the respondent who is in the possesion of the property to do apply for cancellation of sale deed in civil court or drt court as the respondent is waiting for high court order to be passed but plantiff who has taken the property under ford auction is not in possession has applied for ia at district court and got dismissed and trying to enter the location now what is the best way to do for the respondent he has to wait till high court order or should apply for anything waiting for the advice.