Discrimination on the ground of social origin

I have been appointed as language teacher (TGT- for class 6 to 8) for Ranchi District, Jharkhand. Subsequent to it I have been posted to school which is too far and at farthest block from my native place. I have recently gone through cesserion delivery and have infant of only two months. Besides the place where I have been posted is around 70 to 80 kms from my home and there is no direct and convenient mean of conveyance so its impossible for any woman to travel so long so as to reach at early morning to attend school. I belong to schedule caste and there are various Govt orders and guidelines regarding posting of SC ST employees near to their native place. Besides govt also has given relaxation to woman for their posting near to their native place. I have applied for consideration of my case as many of my friends of general category got posting near to their native place, but no consideration has been shown. Now I am finding myself helpless and want to take this matter to court. So please let me know is there any special court for SC people and how can I easily approach it in my case. Besides I also sincerely seek guidance and adivise in respect of my case.