APP filed a memo for adjournment favoring complainant to transfer

Respected Experts, my wife has filed a false 498a against me in hyderabad and the case pending trail since 2013 and till date 26 trail adjournments, she is continuously absent and now trying to transfer the case to her home town by filing a trasfer petition in Supreme court. on every these adjournments the sho wps and APP have submitted to the court that the complainant is not residing in her address mentioned in her 498a complaint. the court ordered SHO WPS to submit the report which APP has opposed and filed a memo saying the complainant has filed for transfer petition 512 in supreme court and asked for an adjournment and succeeded and now the supreme court has issued a stay on the proceedings in transfer petition 513 filed by complainant and is pending on march 18 for disposal. APP knowingly filed the memo just based on a message sent by the complainant. there were many times the court has issued BWs to my wife but the SHO WPS has failed to execute them. though i have forwarded a complaint about her disobedience to court, both SHO WPS and APP are active in favour of my wife and trying their best to harass me with continuous adjournments. i have been attending the court regularly. to day i have filed memo seeking the direction to SHO WPS for submitting the absence report of my wife and reasons for not executing the BWs isssued many time so far(5 times) which the APP has opposed and refused to direct the SHO WPS to submit the report. my wife has filed the TR in supreme court based on false fabricated complaint which she filed at her home town as life threat complaint to police saying my freinds have threatened her and showing this false complaint as a cause to supreme court as reason to transfer under affidafit. the same I brought to the notice to APP and magistrate and they asked me to go and fight in supreme court and they can not give any report while the stay is on. kindly advise for this APP's favouring the complainant and asking continuous adjournments though the court said many times as last chance. your advise is highly appreciated. Regards, Venkat.