How to break a bond

Dear sir , I started working in a coaching institute which is run by very big university from 15 Th december 2015 as coordinator on the package of 25000 Per month ,since date i have not been paid my salary because approval of the employee is don by chairperson till approval is not done salary is not paid,however made emmence pressure on them then they approved my appointment on back date .now they are asking to sign a bonf for 1 Year along with 4 Post dated cheques of 3 Lac rupees each dated at the inverval of three month starting from 10 Th december ,so that in case if i leave they can recover money.environment here is very bad ,lots of mental harrassment is being done they ask to bring studemts anyhow ,but as standard of coaching is very low no result it produced no one is willing to take admission apart from it there are not doing marketing and just asking to bring students anyhow everday i am being grilled ,being a lady i have to survive all this ,my 50000 Rupees as a salary are due please suggest how to deal with it they will not pay my salary if dont sign bond,in case i sign it life will become hell ,please suggest some remedies so that in case if i sign bond i can break it without any problem in case they force me to more harrassment .