Chargesheet prepared when asked to take back FIR

I have registered an FIR in or the theft of my laptop. An Investigation Officer (IO) was assigned to me. I got to know about the thief and I have his phone no. as well by myself. He confessed to the crime and I recorded the his phone confession. He told me that he has sold the laptop to a laptop dealer for Rs. 5000. We asked the policeman to go to the laptop dealer to get the laptop but he refused and demanded Rs. 10,000 to get the laptop. So, I went to the dealer myself got the laptop. I informed it to the IO as well. He asked to return the laptop. But I dint do it as he was demanding for Rs.10000. So, I asked him to close the FIR to which he agreed. He took me to notary and asked me to write and affidavit that "I have forgotten my laptop at home and got to know about this when I went back home after some time. So I want to close the FIR". Yesterday I received an SMS from police station that for my FIR a chargesheet has been prepared. Please tell me if this case could go against me.