Difficulty in getting legal papers from a second hand car seller

Sir, Recently i bought a second hand honda city car from an unknown person residing near my home. I followed his add in olx and contacted him. I paid him the money and got the car also in hand. But he is not giving me the transaction papers(form 29, 30 as i know) using which i can apply for name change. I called him multiple times and got his words as if he would give me the papers the next day but he never did. The is happening last 12 days. Also the car what he sold me is not in his name but in the name of some private organization. Right now i dont have any proof that i got the car from that person except the money transfer details. I am fearing whether that guy is a seller or fraud. He initially communicated with me saying he is the owner of the car and using it for his own personal purpose. Also he refused to give me his identity. I found that he is selling different car in OLX again and understood that he is a dealer(may be). I can not use the car as i am not the legal owner of the car and also can not apply for insurance. Right at this moment what should i do? Legally can i be in trouble if the car had some accident history? Is there any way to inform the case to a court? Is it possible to issue a notice to the seller so that he is forced to issue the papers if he has the right to do so and also it makes me legally safe if he got the car by some fraudulent means? thanks Kamakshya Adhikari