Property dispute

Hi, I am a female from Assam governed my Mitakshara land law.My grandfather died in 1975. A Joint family property division case was filed in 1972 during the life time of my grandfather by his brothers but partition happened finally through a district court decree in 1991 only. My grandfather was survived by his wife and two children, my father & my aunt. Both married at the time of partition. My grandmother died in the year 2003 & my father died in the year 2007. My father had a second marriage without divorcing my mother beacuse there was no male child. So from first wife my father has two daughters,me and my sister both married during his lifetime. His second wife has 3 daughters and a son (one daughter married during his lifetime).None of the property was transferred in the name of my father during his life time. My aunt never claimed any share in the said property. Now my fathers second wife has illegally transffered few property in her name and sold them. Can my aunt claim her share from her fathers property (if yes then what percentage) and what are the rights of my mother, my sister and me. Do the children of the second wife get a share as this is my grandfathers property and not my fathers self acquired property. What would be the percentage of division if they do get. My father died without leaving any will. Please help.