Shall I go for divorce?

My first marriage was broken in couple of months because of poor or no understanding between us. My second marriage was with a divorcee woman. We both are divorcee and second marriage is also a arranged one and happened in a temple. we both not registered our marriage and since she is poor I spent money for marriage and all the formalities including child birth. Now we have a female child of two years old but I saw at her sixth month only. my parents are villagers and innocent and patients. they fear about my life. But my mother in law misguide her and whenever we go to see my child they fight with us along with their relatives by making drama. All the jewels including our jewel and her salary (not even a single rupee) with her mother only. Now I settled in abroad and she came to home stayed for one month and fight with my parents and giving torture by fighting with them. All our neighbours and their relatives know about this. Now I am very upset without seeing my daughter and about my parents. can anybody give a good solution for this? help me please. is there a chance she file a dowry case now? ( later on i came to know that It is their habit of misusing people and law)