323,498a,376/511,377/511,406,504,506,ipc and 3/4 dahej pratished

Sir, This is a love marriage and a case was filed by my wife in the court in UP Ghaziabad under above section of IPC and Dowry act. before it she was try to report in police station but they refused to take this report as per her statement. but all the allegation which was mentioned in her statement are falls & fabricated by her. so the civil court (deevani nayalaye) direct to this case to mediator under 156 (3) cprc ( madhyestha aur sulah kendrra) at the same court premises. main allegation are :- 1. dowery clam 15-16 lakh + a table also made for their expenses showing (which is false) 2. blame on my father (aged 60 yrs) for attempted to rape (which is also false) 3. she drag the name of my entire family names in it my brother my sister my mother,my father, my uncle aunti and my other flats owner in the same plot. (Builders flats) my brother was living and job at that time and sister was in office at the same time. therefor I request you to please help me about to understand this case and how we treat this further. at present it is in mediator court. & in 2nd hearing her advocate said (,Party asking for 25 lakh)in mediator session. she ran away from my home in may 14, from her office we (mumy papa gone their home for taking her back but she was not come) like trying to take her home talk to her father mother also in last she does not want to live with me. we told her father :lets you and our family gathered with our other relative but they never said to their relative and not come for setup the matter. she also take her/ jewelry at the time of (pugphera) & on 7th june 2015 she also taken all dress material from my house.in two suitcases. now on 1 dec. 2015 she registered this case. one thing more that she was change her address in another district. so please guide me what will I do. actual picture is this :- love marriage on march 2014, she ran away on may 14 2014, case application registered in December 15. and at present it is in mediator in court, all proceeding in hindi.