Employee bond

Hi, i have joined a company as fresher-HR trainee. the call came from a consultancy and he arranged an interview with the company. in the call he mentioned that company as a policy will offer 1.2lpa in the first year and 2.4l in the next year. in the interview HR spoke to me and i have asked the same which he said its true to offer 100% hike. for the two years candidate has to sign a bond and have to submit 10th certificate original.in the offer letter it is not written as 100% hike will be given in the second year. i have asked the same thing to the HR why is it not mentioned in the offer. he said we will not mention, but as the policy it is same for any fresher joining in the company. for first year the designation is trainee recruitment and the next year executive.and also in many instances hr team mentioned in meetings and also its 2.4l for the second year. but recently when they gave hike to my co employee who joined 2 months before me, they gave only 2 l. when he asked for the reason they said that its not 2.4 for your team and its based on the performance. he wanted to leave the company. as soon as he resigned they demanded the money for giving reliving letter and also certificate. as they said it was 2.4 l for the next year i am waiting for my hike. in the mean while they say that its nt 2.4 but we will give according to the performance. i mentioned in the HR interview also tell me correctly if it 2.4l in the second year then only i will join the company or else i dnt want to join. he convinced me at that time and i signed the bond too. they said they will impart training and all and if anyone break the bond all training costs has to be paid which will account for 2 l. but no training was given and i learned on the job. now if it is the case as they are not offering the promised ctc i want to get out of the company. and also they have lot of partialism int eh system and always demean the team people. i am mentally upset with all these and was nt able to find any way to get out the company, nor i am willing to pay as the ctc itself will not equal to the bond amount they mention.kindly help me or advice me because i am mentally not well in that company and was not able to work in that company. my health is also deteriorating due to the partial mocking always. as i am searching for another govt job, i need my ssc certificate. kindly advice. i am getting calls from good companies but i am not finding way to get out of that company nor to get the certificate. i dnt want to abscond too as it will hurt my ethics. my hike date is in april. can that be reason for making the contact void. they torture us to work on saturday and late hours. if we disobey they wont talk to us and also gives the tag that we are having attitude problem and all. continous mocking in the meetings. i am vexed with all these. hope anyone can help me on this (i have the mail sent from the consultancy regarding CTC and hike process too)