Regarding mutual divorce and expected alimony

I am 35 years old and got married in February 2015. My wife is 34 years old and non working. She is 12th. My wife is living with her parents for 3 months and does not want to come back. We have no kids. We feel that we cannot live together any more. So we want to file a divorce application for legal separation. Please tell me what can I do. How to file the application. Right now I am not doing any job or business. I was doing a private job till Jan 2015 which was lost due to closure of the organisation. I am living with my mother who is a govt. pensioner (family pensioner after the death of my father) and looking after the family. What could be the expected Alimony (permanent as well as maintenance). For how long I need to pay her monthly maintenance. Is my mother's family pension can be considered for fixation of alimony. I do not have any brother and father. The marriage was solemnized very simply and the approx. expenditure of the bride side was Rs. 3,00,000/-. Please suggest me something as I am totally confused and stressed as right now I do have any job to pay maintenance as well as alimony.