Divorce case

Please give a legal advice about my below mentioned case: Mr. X gets married to Miss Y in the year 1990 according to hindu customs live in Mumbai and also had two sons from Mrs. Y i.e. A and B. There after In year 2000 Mr. X committed second marriage as per hindu ritual with Miss Z and also had a son from her i.e. C. Mrs. Y was in complete knowledge about the second marriage of Mr. X but could take step due her financial condition as Mr. X use to provide her household expense education expense but Mr. X use to live with Mrs. Z. Mr. X gave the maintenance till his son i.e. A and B were capable of earning. As A and B attained the age of earning Mr. X stop giving maintenance to Mrs. Y, and his two sons i.e. A and B. Now in after so many years in 2015 Mr. X is asking for divorce from Mrs. Y and denying to give any share in property to his family from first wife i.e. Mrs. Y , A and B. Also Mr. X is denying to give the share in property which is name of Mrs. Y and threatening Mrs. Y to give divorce. Also as Mr.X is having a registered will of the his ancestral property made her late mother according to which all properties is name of Mr. X Please give me suggestion how to proceed the case in favour of Mrs. Y