I'm 21 year old.. One of my friend recently hanged herself in her house when we 4 friends and her mother and a doctor was present of us .. Her mother called us and told she want to talk with us wen we went to her house she told us that her daughter(my friend) has took some 5-6 pills and she called the doctor in correct time and saved her... So this doctor was also present therethere. She was in love with one of my friend and his answer to her was "maybe" . if I get settled I'll marry u.. Me and my friend (the guy whom she was in a relationship with) were staying in a flat together for a year.. Once she had a doubt that there may be something between us so asked me , I told her everything clearly saying that there is nothing we are just good friends but she always had that doubt in her mind.. After this issue I left Bangalore ...I was out of country for 3 months...I came back to Bangalore on DEC 25 .. And at Jan 2 this guy also came to Bangalore to meet her and there was always PR LM between them and she had told everyone that was pregnant and she aborted it and all but she does not had any proof for that.. And she was in depression and she want taking counsellings and all.. They had reffered her to a NIMHANS in Bangalore and her mother took her there and she was admitted there and the doctor recommended to admit her for 2 weeks but her mother didn't had enough money so she took her back to home and after two days she hanged herself.. 1. Many people over here is thinking that me and that guy being in Bangalore disturbed her a lot including her mother. Is that problem for me?? 2. And she has spoke with her friends saying that I'm the reason , because of me he was avoiding her? And even she msgd me whole day saying that don't disturb my life and sorry for wat has hpnd and I'll solve everything in a week.. I won't involve you in anything again Wat should I do now.??