Credit Card recovery

Hello I held an ABN AMRO credit card for 8 years and i was promptly paying the dues. But in 2012 i had lost my job and i could not make payment after that. But before that RBS had taken over ABN AMRO and my card was replaced as RBS. I was based out of bangalore and i returned back to chennai. I was trying to make the payment through RBS but could not find a place as i was not sure if ABN AMRO bank was closed. I left the issue though i was sure that i owed a due to them. In these 4 years i was not contacted by anyone from the bank about the due or neither could i contact them.I suddenly got a call from delhi stating that i have to appear in delhi dwaraka court for payment. I questioned the advocate on how is it that i did not get any summons and no legal notice was received by me or my family either here or in bangalore. And finally they gave that the amount and i sent a cheque to them for that amount. Without any legal notice is it possible to just ask someone to appear in court and also i was charged under Section 420. But here the intention was not to cheat. Either i should contact or they should contact. When nobody contacted what should i do? After i have settled can i take any action on the bank. If yes, under what section?