Not Getting Release Letter and Salary

Hi, After getting a better opportunity, I decided to leave the first company . I put a resignation letter against which they never gave an acceptance. As i did'nt get the salary for that month (month i put my resignation) I asked them about when i will be getting my salary and relevant documents . It was January 15th when i gave my resignation, they said that i wont be getting the salary for January and i have to serve the company till February 12th, (as my joining in the second company is on February 15th), which also adds to a one month notice. I was informed that after leaving the company , they will decide whether i have done all the jobs correctly or not and then again after 45 days they may give me the salary and the release letter. i was ok with it and still asked to give a written document or a date on which i will receive my salary and documents. They simply denied. This was not accepted by me so i left the company on Feb 2nd (without serving 9 days of my notice period). Now they are not saying anything. I can compensate my salary , my hard earned money but i need my release letter and experience certificate. As without these my career will be effected. Please suggest what shall i do. Taking this into consideration i mailed them the next day i left the company, mentioning about that it was my bad to leave like that and want to finish the left over jobs(only to get my release letter), but they didnt replied. Now i am in grave danger. Please suggest something so that my career is not ruined.