Regarding my mother case

Respected Sir, With due respect I want to say that I am a citizen of Jaipur and I request you to help us on my mothers' case .As we want the maintaince of my mother from my brother. The case is as followed. my father worked in Electricity board and during his working he bought a house on his own expense and In the 1988 my father died and after that my brother (YOGESH SAXENA) took the job of my father after 6 months of his death; and the money which we got after our father death from gov. we use it for our work(like as marriage,etc). We are 3 Sisters and 2 brothers:- 1).Renu Saxena-Married 2).Yogesh Saxena-Married 3).Archana Saxena-Married 4).Anita Saxena-Married 5).Dhirendra Saxena-Unmarried At present my mother is living with us and I am taking care of her; as our brother took the house illegally without our knowledge and he throw out my mother and my brother(who is a not physically well). When we talk to our brother why he did all this wrong he said the house belongs to him and no one has right on the house except him. We said that we do legal case on him and he said we can do nothing .He don't give any expense to my mother and took the house by forgery. We send a request to C.M. office and they did some proceedings and the police constable of Bhatta Basti police station came and took the statement of me and my mother. But after that no proceedings are done and my mother is 78 years old and I live in a house which is on rent so we don't have enough money. Sir,we don't know anything about the case status and no information is sent to us regarding the case. My brother is rich and powerful and we don't have enough money so that we can hire a lawyer for this case. We need justice for my mother ,we want that our brother must give the maintaince of my mother as my brother don't take care of my mother. So, please help us asap. Regards, Renu Saxena Contact;-[deleted] Add:-4/43,vidhyadhar nagar,Jaipur