Lump sum after divorce or continue paying monthly maintenance?

Dear Sir, I am married for 3 years now, from which leading a lonely life from past 10 months. ( 3rd time she has deserted me) my wife has filed Crpc 125 and the opposite party is in a process of submitting evidences by march. However interim maintenance if Rs.5000 is awarded from the date of application till the disposal of the case ( July 2015 till date) and I have paid a partial amount of 10000. They will submit evidences on next hearing! My concern here is... 1. I have filed an FIR against my in-laws and her relations for badly assaulting me n my old parents, 2. I have every evidences to prove that all the allegations ( including my income and designation) made by them were wrong and false. 3. I lost my job due to harassment by my inlaws at work place... I had submitted my resignation letter, medical certificates of my parents, rental agreements for copy etc... During initial hearing... Which is also mentioned in order sheet! But... Without even considering those documents... Especially resignation letter, fir etc... They have passed IM. Now... If they ask me to pay alimony in lakhs... How can a person arrange so? We stay at rented home, my parents are too sick and are 70 g 55 years, I have to take care of myself.... for anything and everything!!! The order has passed on prima facie - saying she is illustrate and a nin working women! She was a beautician... But have no evidenceillustrate... As the parlour is closed! She claims that she is illetrate. *** who do the court consider illetrate? Is it someone who can't sign, read or write? Or someone who never went school? ( all I have is her school going group photo to prove she is not absolute illetrate, she uses WhatsApp and has Facebook account with only her relations as friends) I am afraid about alimony... As we never took anything in the form if dowry... If they pass permanent alimony, then we many not even arrange 1lakh... As I am from lower middle class...(they are rich and have ancestral properties) I am educated and earn upto 25k and may go beyond that... If I try for a better position or company, but i have too much liabilities from local financiers for higher interests, which was taken for my marriage expenses and my father treatment. ( hope I can't show these as deductions). I am worried.... what to do? Please help.