Relif in hc or cat

The information is not advice to management,I am expessing my status/ honest opinion. I was working as Asst.Gen.Manager(engineering & project) since 2007 in PSU In mid of project management transferred to marketing as Asst.Gen.Manager -pharma( medicine) marketing. Made to worke as a manager job responsibilities for one year (depromated post with out charge sheet & enquiry). Later management forced to work as Medical representative (Lowest depromated post in marketing department with out any enquiry) for anther daily reports I was keep asking for GM-marketing & lower staff also company infrastructure.. But management replied no support will be given. At last... after 2 yrs mental & physical harassment (my opinion)and salary reduction by LOP on a/c non reciept of daily work reports by post for many months without giving valid seems daily reports sent by personal ID emails are not considered as leagal document as attendance (note,: Intialy on Manger post many months mail reports are recognized as attendance ) In last March 16, some officer came to cross check my work in NE region of India & he was trying to find mistake to charge sheet me & threatened to sign wrong report.. but I denied & vacated the place by sending mail for official reason(the official reason is management is not provided GM-marketing position status & supporting infrastructure). Since last March16, I was not reported to duty irrespective of many reminder letters from company (As I was mentally dippressed at age of 52 &I have obtained medical certificate from doctor& GM-marketing has given in writing that any kind of leaves will not be sanctioned,even earlier sick leaves are not sanctioned. Now in January 16 company HRD has applied appointment letter clause I.e "Any employee is absent from duty without senior approval for 10 days,it is considered as self termination " So company settled my dues the way they want .I.e..March16,salary was paid in January16 and gratuity amount check received late. Company has taken decision without conducting enquiry/chargesheet/suspension etc,with mear clause of appointment letter & settled my a/c( I have signed the appointment letter as token of reciept no legal bond is signed) Now I in privet job market as engineer of 25yrs experience & 2 years experience in pharmaceutical medicine marketing.. So industry is not accepting as a engineer or experienced marketing- GM. This company has ruined my next 8 yrs of career ,now in pvt job market neither experienced engineer nor Hard core Marketing person. Note: For the last 8 yrs I have clean records in company book but I was due for promotion. WHOMS EVER IT MAY CONCERNED. The above is true with best of knowledge Nither I am promoting good or bad about company, As a citizen I am just expressing my views/opinions. The above information is not binded leagaly as company is public sector unit under ministry of chemical & fertilizer,may be right in taking decions as per rules & I don't know the company standing order/CDA rule book. The contents is not concerned any the same may be ignored/deleted. Request all expert to advice on grounds to get relief in HC/SC or CAT. Regards