Respected Sir, I am a member owner of Flat No.5930 of Anasuyasoot Co operative Housing Society in Bldg. No.174, B Wing, Kannamwar Nagar, Mumbai, Maharashtra staying therein since its inception i.e.1980. Mr. Vijay Chiplunkar - The Secretary of our Society had sent a letter dated 18.09.2014 to the Registrar, MHADA, Bandra, after I filed a complaint against him against his illegal activities to the Registrar, MHADA, Bandra on 28.08.2014. Copy of his aforesaid letter I could manage to get now through a RTI. I find in the letter that he has given a lot of half info/ false info to Registrar with an intention to mislead with regards to documentation relating to my transaction/communication with the Society and he refers to me in the letter on society letterhead as a member who is Improper (??????), Indecent (?????), Wrong Personality (???????? ??????????????), Improper Character (?????? ??????), criminal attitude (?????????? ????????? ??). The Chairman has filed a FALSE POLICE COMPLAINT about me about an incident to police about using bad words to him and threatening him at the Society Office in presence of several people. (I had the entire video recording of that incident to successfully prove to the Police that i had not used bad words nor have i threatened him). He had done this to defame me in the Society. In another letter to Registrar recently collected by me through RTI, I find Secretary has given false information about my wife's 2 complaints. He has defamed my wife in the letter saying she has taken undue advantage of her Preganancy state to put false allegations on Secretary. (While my wife was worried about our life and safety she had first sent a complaint letter to The Secretary and a complaint to Police Station, the said letter was replied on Society Letterhead by the Committee Members to my wife BUT THEN on same day The Secretary also wrote a personal letter to my wife on plain paper so my wife replied him back in letter to his address and not to Society. We have sufficient documentary proof to support the allegations made in her letter to the Society and the letter to him). I also have a clear Audio Recording of 2014 Annual General Meeting (AGM) of our Society and the hard copy of the AGM Minutes wherein he has levelled a lot of false and baseless allegations on me and my wife. The AGM audio recording also shows him instigating members to be physical and beat me. The AGM Minutes of 2014, 2015 is full of humiliating remarks on me and my family. Needless to say that inspite of several letters by The Registrar instructing Society to do needful, The Secretary is disobeying, even challenging the Registrar U/S.79 2(b) Order which is now dismissed by the Divisional Jt. Registrar, Co operative Societies Mumbai Division recent December 2015 order i.e. Inspite of getting justice orders from Registrar and Divisional Jt. Registrar, Society Secretary, Chairman are harassing me. On the basis of all the Orders in my favour and on the basis of the above mentioned letters collected through RTI and the other documentary proofs available of the false allegation on me and my wife, audio recording available, may I ask your goodselves if my case is suitable to file a case of DEFAMATION/MAANHANI against The Secretary, The Chairman. Please guide me.Ashok Shetty 00919819397816Mumbai, Maharashtra