Sale of property which is in maiden name

Hi My wife holds a property which is in her maiden name. Post marriage, her surname has changed. her current PAN card is on her Married Name. Maiden Name - Asha Shah Married Name - Asha Sharma We have a marriage certificate which states her name from Asha Shah to Asha Sharma We are planning to sell the property now. Question 1 : Can my wife accept the cheques from the Buyer in her maiden name ie. Asha Shah even though her current PAN card has her Married Name ? Will there be an issue while property registration or taxation ? or will she need to now accept cheques in her married name ie. Asha Sharma Please note: her PAN Card number before and after marriage remains the same. Only the Surname has changed. The proposed property to be sold is in Mumbai Also, since we will need to put this money in the Capital Gains Account, and the same may be opened in her married name ( since all latest documents such as Aadhar, passport are in married name ) Question 2 : Will I face an issue opening a CG account in her maiden name Thanks in advance Arjun