Property Issue

Dear Sir/ Ma'am, In 1982, Mr. X purchased a property and Ms. Y who is the wife of Mr. X brother did illegal seizeure of the said property after the death of Mr X’s brother. Mr. X filed a suit against this illegal possession of property and later after fighting this case for 12 plus years a mutual settlement happened where in court in its decree mentioned that the said property will be first registered in the name of Mr. X and then Mr. X will register the half of property in the name of Ms. Y. Mr. X got this registration of property done thereafter but Ms. Y has not got this registration done from Mr. X even after several verbal remainders and remainder in the form of notice. 17 plus Years has already been passed of the said settlement decree. Kindly enlighten following: 1) Since, Ms Y has not the part of her property got registered as per decree even after 17 plus years from Mr. X , who is the actual owner of the said property? 2) Does Ms Y possess any right in the said property since more than 17 years has been passed? 3) What if, Mr X sells the whole property since he got this registry done of the whole property and Ms Y is not bothered about getting the same registered in her name even after 17 plus years have been passed? Thanks & Regards