Parking for licensees of 3 bed room apartments

I would like to give my 3 bedroom apartment on leave and license. The society has 11 stilt parking slots and 29 open parking slots. The stilt parking slots (11) were sold to individual members during 1970. The society has 48 apartments (3 BR apartments = 12, 2 BR apartments = 24 and 1BR apartments = 12). There are 29 open parking slots in the compound and we 48 members interested. With the passage of time the demand for parking has far outstretched the limited supply and the society introduced a set of rules (attachment No. 1). These rules discriminated between resident members and members who have let out their apartment on leave and license basis. Some years later, the Society once again made another set of rules were introduced in 2015 which further discriminated more in favour of the resident members. The discrimination is so unfair that parents, siblings and other relatives of the resident members applying for the second parking for the resident members get preference over the first parking application of the non resident members who have given their flats on leave and license basis. I have a three bedroom apartment (zize over 85 sq metres) but am unable to get a parking based on these revised rules. As a result I am unable to give the apartment on leave and license as any potential tenant would need a parking slot. I believe a leave and license tenant should have all the rights and privileges to enjoy the facilities of the building including parking. At least the non resident members should get their first parking before the resident members get their second parking. The Managing committee should accommodate all equally without discriminating against any one as this does tantamount to violation of the constitution.