Parking for licensees of 3 bed room apartments

I have given my 3 bedroom apartment on leave and license. The society has 11 stilt parking slots and 29 open parking slots. The stilt parking slots (11) were sold to individual members during 1970. The society has 48 apartments (3 BR apartments = 12, 2 BR apartments = 24 and 1BR apartments = 12). A few years back parking rules were introduced by the Society. Some aspects are given hereunder: • Allotment will be made subject to one car space per inhabited flat. Application for first car parking space will get priority allotment over application for 2nd or 3rd car parking spaces. • Application for 2nd car space will be made subject to availability after allotting first car applicants • an application for a carpark space of a licensee staying in the building will be treated on par with an application for a second car of a tenant member and / or the tenant member’s family for the purpose of these rules Question 1: Considering that I am paying the non-occupancy charges for the licensee and the society has approved him as a licensee, is it fair to discriminate the licensee and treat his 1st car space application on par with the 2nd car space application of members or their family members. Question 2: I understand from MOFA that the allotment of second or third car parking spaces can only be made on a year to year basis depending on the availability of excess parking slots. Does this mean that at the end of each year the car space allotments stand revoked and there should be another draw based on applications received on a first come first serve basis?