Divorce Location & Alimony

1. I have been married for 3 years. Our marrige certificate was issued in Kolkata (While I was in Mumbai during marriage). We have relocated to bangalore in July 2015. We have decided to get divorced and my wife will go back to kolkata this month. I want to know if I can file a divorce case in Bangalore? I work here, she is a housewife and we both are citizen of India. We have mutually consented for divorce but the not on any alimony and and custody of our only son who is 1.5 year old. Since I am working in bangalore if divorce is filed in kolkata I have to travel for the proceedings, what is the way out? 2. I live on rent and also take care of my aged parents. I want to take care of my child but since he is too young getting his custody is near impossible in India. Is there a way to pay for his upbringing but not for my wife's maintenance (she is non working but Masters holder and will work post saperation) 3. My parents have property (in another city), will my wife be able to claim my parents property ? As per my fathers will the house will be in my mothers name if my father is no more and after my mother it will pass on to my sister.(who is married and settled)