Disparity and discriminatory approach by housing society

07.02.2016 To, Sub: Personal Harassment to a single woman by Society Managing Committee This is to inform you that, -We had a pathology laboratory named for 23 years on the ground floor before the redevelopment. We supported the redevelopment of the society and cooperated to move on the first floor because of parking norms. We had also made it clear at the time of redevelopment that, if the laboratory moves on first floor, patients will be allowed to use the lift and all the other facilities which the other members use. Society has already provided us the NOC for the newly allotted flat to be used for Laboratory before vacating. Builder has specifically mentioned that, the flat no 103 allotted will be used for 'Pathology Laboratory". We have a registered agreement which is also signed by the society bearers. - With constant follow up of ten months with Builder & BMC, BMC- Building & Proposal Department R-south, has earmarked the premises no. 103 as ' Pathology Clinic' in November . We are allotted amended plan on 7th November,2015. The amended plan is submitted to the Society Committee. - After the set up of Pathology Laboratory, We started operating laboratory services from 27th January,2016. In just two days of time, w.e.f. 29th January,2015 society secretary and other members have been raising obstruction to my professional activities. Our Patients are disallowed to use the lift. Even senior citizens and pregnant women are not allowed. Our patients are senior citizens as well and may be with Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Hyper Tension, Heart problems This is very inhuman approach and abuse of power by the committee. The Pathology Laboratory is not a commercial activity but a professional activity which is permissible by the BMC DC rule as well as Hon’ble High Court. Such discretionary Fatava (the ban of lift is only & only for Heena Laboratory visitors) by society is inhuman and disrespecting the medical profession . If any mishap to any of the patients/senior citizens/pregnant women/visitors because of ban in using lift only to the laboratory visitors, Society will be liable and responsible for the consequences. This is adversely affecting my practice & repo with patients. If the society has given an NOC for the flat to be used as pathology laboratory and builder entered into a tri-party registered agreement about the flat no.103 to be used as Pathology Laboratory, why is that I am harassed on a personal level with discrimination? What should I do?