Section 9 of Hindu marriage act of conjugal rights

My wife went from my home happily with her parents in November 2014 making an excuse of her cousin roka ceremony and took along with her all jewellery, clothes and other valuable assets with her and after some days she refused to come back and started demanding a huge amount of money. Then after three four months she files a false complain of dowry in CAW cell. Then I filed a petition in section 9 of Hindu marriage act . She didn't received summon for three four times and last time she took the summon and her advocate appeared in the court and court has given a date for next hearing for appearance of girl and boys. Now I want to ask whether court could give a direction for giving maintenance to the girl in the first hearing. Whether I should pursue the case further of shall I withdraw it on the next hearing. One important thing i would like to tell that i am student pursuing PhD and getting fellowship and also i am 100% physically handicapped. If any citation related to this is available kindly provide the copy of it.