12 1 c act

Respected lawyers ! My marriage is happend on August 2015 , we live only 20 days , in that 20 days she refused to have sex with me . she craeted a lots of troubles , dramas and went to her house . I tried my best , but her family do not want my mom to stay with me . That i cannot agree at all , Its been around 5 months she left , they threaten me by saying so many cases . Now they have filed a 12 (1) (c) case . That means Nullify the marriage . In between her family is now trying to compromise , and says she want tp come to my life again . I cant even think about that . It was all dramas that they want me in their control , Now they came to know that i am strong on my points . So all dramas become waste and they want to come back.Also i feel that the girl is having some mental issues . That i am not sure , but he behavior shows me to think like that . I heared that the 12 1 c - three notices will sent and if i didnt attend the court they will award divorce . is that correct ? ( they issues notice now - i didnt get the notise as its send to my old adrdess - i saw the details from the site ) IS there any way they can cancel the same ? is that i also need to file a NULLIFY case ? is that good filing from my end too ? please suggest