Wife demanding alimony for 1 year son

My marriage held on 09.03.2014 in Jalna. I am staying in Kalyan, Thane for my Job purpose. She is leaving in her mothers house for her state government job Gramsevika. She just 4-5 times visited to my house Kalyan & never visited in my native place. I filled HMP section 9 in kalyan court. After getting summons she file for transfer HMP section 9 in high court aurangabad bench that our son is just one year old & she can't travel. Also she filed Cr. Procdure Code section 125 in Jalna court demanding maintenance of 10000 per month to maintain our child. She earns 22 k to 25 k for month & i earn 35 k per month. but after deduction of housing lone, PPF, Personal Lone my earning remains just 10 k per month. She determined topics that I mentely harrased her & bitten and though her from house thats why she is not staying with me. But actual thing is nothing like that. She don't want to leave her mother & don't want to stay far from her mother. I got got high court bench aurangabad summons & I presented with my lawyer case is pending. This summons attached her filling copies of high court & Cr. Procdure Code section 125 so my question are : 1) How much alimony will court allow for my case? 2) Can I file for divorce in this situation & if yes in which court? 3) High court summons attached copies Cr. Procdure Code section 125 is considerable as a summons for this case? 4) Can Jalna court allow Ex party against me for section 125 that high court informed me by filling copy.( I haven't got any perticular summons for this case)