False DV case and money extortion interim maintenence case

Respected Sir/Madam, I got married in 2015 and till date Total of 9 days only we were together in this duration. After marriage , she stayed with her family only. While staying with me, she threatened me with suicide attempt. She fought with me,created big scene in home and left to her parents home. After that,her parents threatened me that they are going to police stating that I beat her. She created many verbal abusive fights and posted very filthy unethical message in Facebook to my friends and office colleagues using FAKE account. Threatened to file police case and approaching office to create unlikely scene in my office. I can prove that , she only sent these messages. After one year of no contact between us, I filed divorce case with all the evidences and audio proofs. But in response, she filed domestic violence case and Interim maintenance case and asked for 20000Rs monthly. She was working before marriage and qualified with Masters degree. In court, she is giving filthy false allegations with out even conscience. She completely denying all my evidences and proofs but giving complaints without any proofs about me that i beat her, my family poisoned her, harassed for dowry. All as a revenge to my divorce case. Please help me, 1) Do I need to pay maintenance 20000Rs for the one who was working before marriage , well qualified , who recently completed some software course for additional qualification. My salary is 60K per month. Can i defend that?. I have debts and old aged parents to take care. 2) For Domestic violence case she given , with out any evidence and only with false allegations of A to Z, what could be result. Dont she need to proove anything rather just giving false allegations 3) I produced her abusive words,recordings as proof but she simply denying those but giving all false words for the 9 days of togetherness. Which one court will consider. 4) how long the cases may proceed as already i am drained by depression. their only motive is to bring my family to court ,police station and money extortion. Tons of thanks..