Will i get justice?

Hello, respected lawyers. I'm a 28 years lady having a private job which make me earn 3000 rupees. Before 3 years I got married by Hindu ritual. It was my love cum arranged marriage. After marriage I suffered a lot. There were only two beings are there my husband and me. He had been tortured , beaten me on every alternate day. I was suffering for only two reasons 1- I loved him 2 its not possible to go forever at my parental house. He was a very cruel man and he was demanding 2,00,000 rupees as dowry.He used to talk with various girls on phone by keeping the phone on speaker. One day he throw me from height of 8 feet and not ready to fetch me in hospital. With the help of neibours I took treatment from doctor. After a month he left me at my parental home by saying. I don't need to live with u. Then he wasn't in my contact since last 9-10 months. Now he has filed divorce by saying I was cruel to him and his parents.( we were not living with my in laws nor keeping any relation with them becoz of my husband's behavious was not liking them and they wanted big amount of money as dowry. Which I couldnt bring.) I tried to persuade him by insisting that we will start new life on condition that he will improve himself, should not beat me frequently etc. He denied. Now I've also decided to give him divorce. But I want to punish him. I want maintainance. He is doing a job on a prestigeous post in a private sector. He has been responsible for my eductional loss, physical abuse. I want to punish for that. I haven't filed complaint in any police station becoz he is a villainous man. Plz suggest me what to do. I am a post graduate in arts with second class. Not seeking a job which give me enough livelihood.