1)sale was not made how to proof & 2) will he get the space in-be

Suddenly i came to know my father sold half portion of land to my uncle in about 1996. my uncle show me the certify copy of land then i have shown it to two well known person. they told me that the document is perfect. Our plot is about trapezium angle shape & TA=5400 sf. And common people road(cpr) is on the north. As per his doc his half portion(along with road) is on the east & my father is on west remaining portion, & from the remaining portion of my father (north east point to north west ) long 15 ft x 6 ft road he has purchased which is attached with the north common people road as per doc statement. His total land along with road is 2700 sf & our 2700 sf. After a lam-sum measurement taken & dividing in horizontally now came to know that his road (15 ft x 6 ft) is not connecting with the cpr if he start from cpr not connecting to his plot. the space in-between his plot and cpr is about 16 ft. now he is telling that the space in-between his plot & cpr is his space as it is written attached with cpr. he will take it with the help of LAW. I told him that in-between space is mine it is not possible i will not give you any pic from my land. My father died on 2002 sale was not done