Revision crp

Dear sir In 2013 i had made a mutual agreement in plain paper with my brothers and sisters in which all of us agreed to hand over our fathers self acuired house(parents passed away) to me which is in posession with one of my brother. In turn for which i should give each of them part of land. . The land is my self acquired property. It was specified in that agreement that it should be done with 30 days.As differences arised it could not be registered and implemented. I sent legal notice to all of them to implement the same but no body came forward.So the panchayat people cancelled the agreement. With the xerox copy of it my younger brother has filed partition suit demading share in the above said house and my two self acquired properties( My properties have been decreed by court that they are mine prior to above agreement and i have obtained injunction order against the problem brother) .Trial commenced and my brother has filed amendment petition stating if the court will dedcide he is not eligible for1/7th share to pass decree bases upon the above muchalika.The judge has allowed the petition.So shall I obtain stay order in sessions court or file revision CRP in high court or file both? or shall I proceed the case ?Pls reply me