Marriage to a foreigner

Hi, I am from Mumbai and was married to my husband in 2002, we just did a registered Marriage as we were from different religion, between Christian and Hindu. None of our parents were present as they were against our wedding. I did not add my husband's name in any official document such as Passport, Ration card, Voters ID or Pan card nothing as I always thought the marriage will not work out as my husbands parents were dead against this. 3 years ago my husband passed away from illness and his parents barely allowed me for the funeral as he was living with them for 3 months shortly before he passed on. I did not want to make any issues and hence kept quiet. No communication from their side to me neither I kept in touch with them. He did not leave me with anything no money, house or children. I did not want anything from his parents as he did not earn anything what they have. My question now is I want to remarry and I have British guy who is willing to marry and I want to know if I remarry should I declare I was married before as I do not even have my marriage certificate with me now and no records. I went to registrar office where I got married they say they sent it to commissioner's officer and making me run around. Can I just not declare that I was married before, or would they find out later. My late husbands family has not even giving me his death certificate. My name is not even mentioned on his certificate the hospital said. Please help, I am just left hanging here. Thanks