Repeated transfer by public sector bank

Hi .. I am working in a private bank in chennai and my wife is working in an public sector bank as a probationary officer in Trivandrum since Feb 14, post our marriage on May 15 she had applied for a transfer to chennai on the grounds of transfer near to husbands place I.e chennai. Inspite of several follow ups one sudden day (Oct 15) she was transferred to Palakkad branch stating this is the only vacancy available closer to chennai and the transfer was very immediate, from the order day she was asked to report Palakkad branch very next business day. Post going to Palakkad we came to know that there was no other employees and they don't have branch set up and it's just a complex they have identified for them to start a branch. Being a female employee she was asked to work with the landlord to freeze the office space and facilities. With no option we rented a house in Palakkad and shifted her things from Trivandrum to Palakkad. In a span of one month (by Nov 15 ) the branch expansion team of the bank confirmed that the lease agreement is finalised and signed, by end of Dec 15 the landlord will handover the bank space to us after making few developments like string room etc. But unfortunately due to some dispute between the landlord and current tenant the work didn't proceeded further and the same was reported to the bank management by my wife. In the mean time the branch expansion team keep sending many things via couriers (like AC,stand, UPS batteries ) worth close to two Lakhs, which is deposited in the complex under the custody of landlord since the bank space was under construction. In between this the bank management had sent a legal notice to landlord asking explanation for the delay in handover of the space with a penalty charges. By mid of Jan 16, suddenly one Friday evening there was another order to my wife asking her to report to Trivandrum branch on deputation for 15 days with immediate effect by next working day. Without any consideration being a female employe or on about her safety and accommodation the management demanded her to report without any delay in Trivandrum branch. As again with no option she moved to Trivandrum branch and started operating from that branch staying as paying guest near to the bank. Upon completion of 15 days the man agent asked her to extend for a week since they are yet to decide on her next move. After one week there was another order to her that she is again made permanent in Trivandrum branch itself ( another permanent transfer from Palakkad to Trivandrum ) The manager of the bank is showing least interest towards giving us a justification for this repeated transfers with in a span of four months. Considering she being in probation period we are worried much to raise a voice against all this, as this may cause a serious threat to her employment. Request your legal advice for this problem and to find a possible way to move her to chennai.