Dispute with neighbour on using road

Dear Sir, My neighbor had converted a pathway, which existed in between our properties, into a full-fledged road and he is not allowing me to use this road now. He has allowed some of our other neighbors to use this road after charging a sum of Rs. 1.5 lacs. The road was made a few years back when I was not in India. My family objected converting this pathway into a road as we both had equal rights on the pathway, but when he pleaded that there wont be any problem and if there is any damage to our boundary wall, he will get it repaired and thinking that he will allow us also to use this road, we agreed to convert this into a road. Of course, he has used some of his land to widen this road, and also as per him, he has purchased 1.5 cent land from another neighbour. As we are not living in that property, which is only agricultural land having some rubber trees, we never tried to take any vehicle through that road, but now he is not allowing us to take any vehicle through that road, but he said we can use the road to access our land by walking. I agreed to pay a share of total expenditure, if divided between all road users, but he has not accepted that and he is trying to sell the rights to others and pocket some money. Now he is troubling me by diverting the rainwater coming form the hilltop to my property, which used to flow through the pathway before it was being converted into road. Sir, I want to know whether : (1) I can have any rights on this road? (2) the rain water coming through the remaining part of the pathway be allowed to flow through this road instead of being flown through my land. Awaiting your valuable response. With best regards, Suresh