Vehicle owner name not changed even after 10 years of sale

Hello everyone. I am new to the forum. I came here to seek advise regarding an injustice done to me. Please kindly advise. My case: I had sold a vehicle [Motor cycle] of 1994 make to a second hand vehicles sales agent in the year 2005. And had duly signed and given all the required papers. The agent has sold the vehicle to someone else. Two days ago I happened to check on the Karnataka RTO website and found that the vehicle is still in my name. I approached the agent. He is very careless now and refuses to even discuss. He doesn't even give the name of the person he has sold it to, says he doesn't remember. What I want to do: I am thinking of going to the court. And I want to appear before the court as a petitioner in person. I am not an advocate. But I am confident that I can deal with matter properly. My difficulties: But I do not know the procedures. Now I have to file a suit. I don't know how to draft the suit. I searched the web and found a site [] where there is some information as to how to do it. But in it, it is mentioned that the Title should be written in the prescribed format. And the hints to write the form of the Title is given in "Appendix A of the Code of Civil Procedure". But I went through the entire Appendix and could not find the form which fits or atleast nearly is similar to my case. My request: My request to compassionate members of the forum is that, please help me draft the suit. If a format sample or a internet link to a sample is given, it would be helpful. What is the form of the Title I should choose? Please kindly help? Thank you Regards