Purchase of flat at kolkata and cheating there on

Name of the Developer:M /s Millanium India Construction ( unregistered Partnership farm) Name of the Partners 1) Debasish Sarkar 2) Samir Kr Halder ( as per partnership deed) The undersigned and my wife, permanent inhabitant of Berhampore, jointly purchased one flat measuring 1150 sqft at 356/22 NSC Bose road from M/s Milenium India Construction Vide deed of conveyance on [deleted] bearing No ………… against the sale agreement with the developer Dt [deleted], after a prolonged mental hurresmemt. We made the full payment to the M/s Millaneum India construction by account payee cheque &DD according to the sale agreement ( signed by both the partners). The developer handed over the door key of the flat and we shifted our house hold goods into the flat. They did not Issue us neither possession certificate nor completion certificate in spite of persuasion. On [deleted] the developer send us a bill amounting Rs 13 Lac+ as the cost of extra work and service charge out of contract money. But from the beginning we were not aware of such extra work or cost thereon. We protest to the developer against that bill. On 15th January we received an advocate notice and came to know that one partner Sri Samir Halder filed a civil case at Alipur civil court against the another partner that he cheated the plaintiff with connivance with us and also stated that he don’t know about the sale though he signed in the sale agreement and we noticed that extra padlock hanged on our flat main gate and they prevent us to enter into the room. We lodged and FIR informing the matter to local police station but they were helpless due to court case. Getting no other alternative we start to defend the case. On………. The hon’ble court ordered to engage receiver for that flat. and the case is pending for final judgement. As the CIVIL case is pending we cannot move to Consumer Court or criminal court also. Sir I am a service holder, I don’t know about the knock and corners of the law. We become totally penny less and helpless. I purchase the flat on bank loan and I have to pay the bank loan installment with interest. I have already invested about 30 Lacs towards the purchase. Sir being a service holder, I have not enough money or time to spent or prevent such type of miscreants. For our good faith and helplessness we are plan fully cheated and blackmailed. They also cheated crores of money from many other people in this way ( I may place the back papers if required). Now to withdraw the case they demand more money which is out of my capacity. Pl let me know what shall I do now?