Wife & in-laws torchure

Mine is a arranged marriage and its about two years passed now. I have a baby girl of 4 months. from my marriage I have differences with in-laws (like they are more money minded persons and have least values for relations and families and on the other hand we are more relationship and family minded persons). now my wife too started the same. she has objections with my professional friends (my ex colleague, she is also my family friend) family (why giving more importance to your sis kids etc). she made me character less before community. she has escalated silly issues and showed things in a micro scope to my friend and family. Her parents are not at all interested in this relation and keep on suggesting my wife to break the marriage and she started to recite the same now. I am going through a hell in these days with quarrels (where many instances I cannot describe here). what to do now? should I put things to end by divorcing her. I have tried all possible moves to bring back situations. pls suggest.